Mini Breakfast Pizzas With Ham, Mushrooms, Eggs and Swiss Cheese


Breakfast pizza is great. Darned good. Those I've eaten have been sausage sandwiches. Something that I do not require catering White Plains, as much as I like sausage, it includes a great deal of fat. There were puddles of fat onto the surface of the pizza. Can I create a few with a great deal of taste and fat? I believed so.

I used English muffins to your crust. I buy sometimes as well as ones I buy whole wheat. Do not buy since they won't work for this particular recipe cakes which contain honey. Instead of eggs, I used. I buy a couple cartons suspend others, and place one in the refrigerator.

For additional taste I added new chives and mushrooms into my own favorites. Sliced ham altered the sausage. Examine the water material on the bundle before you buy any ham. Ham can comprise 20 percent or more water and you do not desire watery pizzas. If the water content is large, you'll need to saute the ham.

I topped the cakes with Swiss cheese since I enjoy how it tastes together with ham. Your children may not believe pizza is pizza unless it has mozzarella on top and that is fine. To ensure a crust I pre-toasted that the muffins. See them carefully as you don't need them toasted.

One way to get kids to consume would be to involve them . Establish a pizza party line into your kitchenwith muffins initially, then sauce, ham, mushrooms, eggs and cheese. Whereas you will be eaten by kids adults will eat two pizzas. There is no telling how many teens will consume. Like most of spoonful, Mini Breakfast Pizzas with Ham, Mushrooms, Eggs and Swiss Cheese taste very best warm from the oven.