What Kind of Large Dog Beds Are Available?

Choosing a bed for your large breed dog is very important. Many big dogs suffer from hip and joint aliments as they get older, thus needing a high quality big dog bed.

There are many different types of best dog beds that you can buy that will suit your dog's need. Finding which one is best will make the transition to the new bed easy.

For a dog that likes to stretch out with it sleeps a large rectangular dog bed may be best. These beds allow your dog to stretch out and still have their complete body on the bed. This is important for dogs that have hip issues because without a bed large enough they may have parts of their body hanging off and throw off their joints, causing them more pain. A big rectangular dog bed is also good for those households that have two small or medium sized dogs that like to sleep together.

For dogs that like to sleep curled up in a ball, a square bed would not be the best option. Rather a large donut bed would be the best choice. A donut bed will help support their spine while they sleep curled up in a ball. Unlike dogs that like to sleep stretched out, dogs that sleep in a ball need more back support. Also with a square bed, the circular shape of a sleeping dog would cause them to fall off the bed. Also many donut beds are made to support the extra weight in the middle of the bed and will not deteriorate as quickly as beds that are not built for this use.

Besides a donut bed there are many other types of circular dog beds that will benefit a dog that sleeps curled up. A bolster dog bed is like a round bed but features an extra ribbing of dog bed along the back to support a dog. A large bolster dog bed is great for dogs that like to sleep against something. The bolster provides the extra comfort they are looking for when sleeping. Drive, Bestdogbesds, Excel, DOC, PDF